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GAPS is a publishing imprint that has a purpose to create a sense of realness or a reality using data, in an effort to show how human interpretation of fact is inherently flawed.

In layman’s terms, the work under this imprint serves as a challenge to our understanding of absolute truth, and often asks the reader to suspend their disbelief.

imprint branding

The imprint’s logo was created with the concept of Gestalt theory, so that the user must complete the imagery for themselves. This references how our truths are understood from bits of information that we piece together, mixed with our own biases to fill in the missing gaps, which all together create a belief.

The final logo iteration was chosen based off of the shapes of the negative space, which are the most clear in this iteration.

The Demongraphics series is a reference to astrology. The theme “demongraphics” is a reference to anything remotely supernatural, or a deviant from mainstream.

The goal was to create objects that crafted a reality or narrative that supports astrology as a belief system, or at least forces the user to to come to terms with the coincidences in life that line up with the system of astrology.

The first object is a book that connects historic events to celestial events.

I made this book by hand, with coptic binding reinforced with a perfect-binding method. Signature-style printing was done by myself, which involves printing multiple pages on one sheet, folding, and then trimming parts as signatures.

The second object in demongraphics is a planner.

This is an object that acts as something that you can use in reality, while framing our time with astrological time. It is not stating that the events in your life are dictating by astrology, but rather it is a way to see how you life events synchronize with astrology.

Handbound using coptic binding reinforced with a glue-based perfect-binding method.

The Yard-Sale series draws inspiration from used objects telling a story, and then being recirculated to another person via a yard-sale.

This series contains a collection of small objects that each reference different theories of the after-life, including re-incarnation, multi-verse theory, and Dante's Divine Comedy.