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BETRAIL! is a video game demo that was born out of an exercise that coordinates play for others to experience. This project was created by a team including me, Addie Johnson, Kim Peters, and Ryan Rich.

There is an analog experience that uses the same concepts, as well as a functioning demo made with Unity.

Click here to play the demo!

The goal in the digital version is to collect Trail Mix and have lunch at the end of your hike. Along the way (in theory), are cyclists, hikers, and natural obstacles that make the act of collecting more challenging.

physical game (v0.1)

The analog version came first. This game focuses on the interactions that happen while walking on a hiking trail, where people cross paths and make room for others.

This game exists in a room as a space, and uses dice-roll-space-travel turns. The gameplay involves trying to get to an object at one end of a circle, and bringing it back to the starting space. Meanwhile other players create obstacles and interactions as you travel the “board” (floor).